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There are dozens of books we want to recommend to you but for now, we will stick to these three titles for 2020.

Read This If You Want to Take Good Photographs

Henry Carroll

Right off the bat, you’ll know what the book is all about. Teacher and photographer Henry Carroll found a profound and playful way to share his knowledge and capabilities in photography.

This book is perfect for beginners because Carroll focused on sharing his styles instead of capitalizing on established practices.

The tone of the book is also very mild and witty by removing most technical terms and showing amazing examples instead.

The Digital Photography Book: Part 1

Scott Kelby

More than 200 well-detailed photographic tricks are waiting for you in this book. Instead of long lectures, Kelby shared easy-to-understand instructions that allow readers to grasp every piece of information easily and efficiently.

This is only part 1 of this book series and we are looking forward to the next one very soon.

Studio Anywhere: A Photographer’s Guide to Shooting in Unconventional Locations

Nick Fancher

Nick Fancher shares several tips and tricks on how to maximize unconventional locations and factors during a photoshoot. In this book, he shows us common and not so common challenges photographers face when shooting outside the studio.

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