There is something about a derelict building covered in ivy that makes a great photograph. These buildings have many stories to tell and they are a scarce visual link to the past. If nobody else wants these buildings and their contents nature is happy to claim ownership. The wind might remove a few roof tiles, the rain starts seeping in, ivy starts growing and many years later you are left with the sort of images that can be seen on these pages.

Whenever possible permission is sought to photograph these forgotten buildings but sometimes there is nobody around. Some of them are owned by heritage organisations or state bodies and some are in private ownership. Either way it is hoped that the owners won't mind photographs being taken and will understand the reasons for doing so. Everything is left exactly as it was found.

Thank you to all the owners of these historic buildings that I have had the pleasure of meeting and for the information that you have provided on the history of these great houses.

The picture on the right is from a derelict church in Co. Cork, just one of hundreds of forgotten but beautiful buildings all over Ireland that are fighting a losing battle against nature, against the weather and against time. This is a long drawn out battle that can take hundreds of years and there can be only one winner. These buildings are from another time.

They will soon disappear into history.

Abandon hope all ye who enter here...