Tips for Travel Photography

Here at Nobody Home, we love going to new places and taking photos of old places, buildings, streets, and structures. Through our years of experience, we’ve experienced several hurdles and we’ve learned from those experiences.

Now, we want to share everything we know with professional and aspiring photographers out there.

Maximise Your Smartphone

Tips for Travel Photography phone camera - Tips for Travel Photography

We’re sure you’ll be having your smartphone with you. But it is not only for communication, snapping photos and surfing the web.

Your smartphone is a vital asset for travel photography. You can navigate your way with GPS apps, you can even check weather conditions.

You can also book hotel and travel accommodation last minute with your smartphone. If you need to relax you can use it to watch movies, listen to music and play games. Believe it or not, we found playing online casino games very relaxing.

Here’s a bonus for you. Download online casino applications or games on your phone,whether you are playing for free or money. There is just something about going to the online casino that takes your stress away and transforms it into excitement.

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Travel Light

Tips for Travel Photography bag packing - Tips for Travel Photography

You might be tempted to bring as much equipment as you can during your travel photography. That is understandable given that you will be shooting outside wherein you can’t control lighting, exposure and other photographic elements.

But you must be able to move freely with only a few items with you. You also need to worry about your items being damaged.

That’s actually it! Well, also be careful out there and always look where you are going. To help you out, we highly suggest you visit Castle Curious in Cork for your next travel photography adventure.

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