Photography Hotspot: Castleboro House in Wexford

Here, we introduce yet another great photography destination. No one knows the former glory of the Castleboro House given that it was destroyed by IRA sympathizers a long time ago. But what remains of the house continues to amaze and at the same time haunt people.

The Castleboro House is situated on a long stretch of farmland near the Forestalstown river.  It was built back in 1770 by Irish politician Rob Carew.

Back in its glory days, it was an architectural masterpiece, a grand manor house (three-story) with a two-story entryway surrounded by Corinthian columns.

Photography Hotspot Castleboro House in Wexford camera map - Photography Hotspot: Castleboro House in Wexford

It was not only the IRA sympathizers who contributed to the destruction of most of the structure. They indeed burned it down back in 1923, but the manor already suffered a massive fire back in 1840.

Not much is known about the house and lives of the people who called it home. But what remains alive other than the walls and pillars of the house is the garden nearby. Up to this day, some of the locals continue to take care of the garden and they’ve even planted their own.

The Castleboro House continues to be a top attraction for local and international visitors. It is also still being featured by different publications, mostly magazines.

Photography Hotspot

We lost count of how many times we’ve visited this photography hotspot. The area of green space, the small and big cracks along the wall, the view from afar when the sun lights up, all of it is enough to amaze everyone.

Entering the premises is forbidden but the outside facade and architecture design is more than enough for photographers to get a great shot of the structure. Most photographers who have been here actually prefer the night when shooting.

They make use of lighting gear and technologies to establish a more ominous and distinct feel for their photography. The place is being described as a “mundane masterpiece” by many. The Castleboro House is somehow similar to Castle Curious when we are talking about the external elements.

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