Photography Hotspot: Castle Curious in Cork

There are hundreds of photography hotspots here in Ireland that represents history, culture, the life before. We are not just talking about old establishments and churches. We are talking about integral pieces of history with amazing stories behind them.

One of those hotspots is Castle Curious located in the Cork county. To start, the castle is being sold as a piece of property with only two rooms, 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.

It is described as a detached house in its online listing.

The castle can be seen along Castletownroche near Wallstown. The area surrounding the castle is mainly forested with a small stream behind it. The castle is also embraced by long stretches of green space. But, to be honest, the castle looks like it came straight out of a horror movie set in ancient times.

The Man Who Built It Alone

Photography Hotspot Castle Curious in Cork man computer - Photography Hotspot: Castle Curious in Cork

Castle Curious was built back in the 19th-century, around 1840 by local eccentric and inventor Johnny Roche. After travelling in America, Roche went back home and built the castle, on his own. The castle then served as his home, his workshop, and his mill.

The castle was completed after three years just by the time the great Irish famine ended. Castle Curious in its entirety is a detached three-bay, three-story made entirely out of limestone.

The castle also represents Roche as a man who lived alone. According to reports, Roche would climb his tower and on top is a horn.

Not much was founded about that horn and what Roche used it for. According to the reports, “he used to climb to the 45’ high top of the southern turret to blow his horn, literally and metaphorically.”

There are not many items found in the castle and as mentioned earlier, it is being sold for over €150. Some say that buying the property would deem the buyer a King or Queen.

Photography Hotspot

Photography Hotspot Castle Curious in Cork camera laptop - Photography Hotspot: Castle Curious in Cork

We’ve managed to hold photography sessions in the area mostly with the tower as the standalone subject and at times adding other elements. The green space surrounding the castle adds a great feature in terms of colour and life in every photo we take.

What made us excited and engaged was the aerial shots of the castle, mostly bird-eye view shots. The castle along with the small stream and trees makes up a scenic sublime of green vistas.

If the sun is up, you get to see the castle in its entirety because the roof is no longer there. We highly recommend this photography destination to photographers out there. Make sure to bring enough lighting materials given that the castle is starting to be enveloped by the forest.

If you want some sample photos, you can check out our shots and a video of our photography session at Castle Curious and throughout the county of Cork. If you need more information about the castle, feel free to connect with us and we would be glad to share everything with you.

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