Famous Photographers of Ireland

Ireland is home to some of the best outdoor and adventure photographers. Here, most photographers prefer to shoot outside instead of being restricted in photo studios. But we also have some of the best studio and portrait photographers in the world here in Ireland.

If you want to learn more about photography, these three photographers are the ones you need to follow. Check out their work and learn from each shot.

Who knows, the next time we update our list of famous photographers, we might just include you.

Avril Kennan

Famous Photographers of Ireland Avril Kennan - Famous Photographers of Ireland

Avril is known not just as a photographer but as a storyteller. She is known for her nature shots with a blend of human interaction. You’ll see on her Instagram account “Seeingsoftly” that most of her subjects are backwards.

This concept tells the story of a moving moment. Avril is known for her keen eye enabling here to capture the perfect moment as it happens. She is also famous for taking photos of old infrastructures along Ireland. For example, the old bridges of Dublin.

She has been featured in several newspapers way back in 2018.

Enda Bowe

Famous Photographers of Ireland Enda Bowe - Famous Photographers of Ireland

Enda is recognized on a global scale. His photographs made it to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London where he resides. He is the one who took the renowned contemporary photo titled Cybil McCaddy with Daughter Lulu.

That photo landed Bowe a Zurich Portrait Prize. Enda’s work is best to describe with “storytelling and the search for light and beauty in the ordinary.” It is said that he can turn the mundane into a masterpiece which is evident in his photos of everyday people he sees almost everywhere in the street, in the bar, in the park, everywhere.

He published a couple of monographs with his best one released back in 2019 titled “Bird to the Air.”

Rich Gilligan

Famous Photographers of Ireland Rich Gilligan - Famous Photographers of Ireland

A native from Dublin, Gilligan is not only a photographer but also an avid skateboarder. That is why his focus in photography is taking photos of old and new skate parks all over Ireland. Gilligan worked with known celebrities such as Barry Keoghan and Academy Award-nominated actress Saoirse Ronan.

Gilligan is also famed for his black and white shots that tell a lot of stories despite the absence of vibrant and bright colours.

These three are without a doubt some of the best photographers in Ireland. We are hoping to invite them in our upcoming photoshoots at Castle Curious and Castleboro House soon.

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