The photographs in the Bits & Pieces gallery are of random buildings that I have come across, usually on the way to somewhere else. If I have the camera in the back of the car and there is a bit of sunshine I will stop and take a few pictures.

There are thousands of derelict buildings all over Ireland. Apart from the ones visible from the main roads, there are so many more hidden down country lanes. Next time you have a bit of time take the scenic route to where you are going and you are bound to come across something of interest.

Quite often the last occupant of the house has died many decades ago and for whatever reason nothing has been done with it since. Personal possessions can sometimes be found exactly where they were left all those years ago and can make for some good photographs.

This gallery will also contain pictures of some very grand and striking buildings that for one reason or another I was unable to access. Sometimes all access points are blocked up or it might be impossible to get inside these buildings without causing damage.

As with all the photographs that I've taken for the Nobody Home website everything is left exactly as it was found.

The images in the Bits & Pieces gallery are also for sale so if you see one you like and would like a print click here.

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