About Us

Nobody Home is more than just a simple blog talking about photography features here in Ireland. We are a creative collective made up of talented and passionate professionals engaged in the creative, design, and photography industry.

We don’t just talk about photography in general, but we talk about the many aspects of photography including its many styles. Nobody Home is the collective effort of some of the most creative people we have evet met, including the founder himself, Jordan Barnett.

Meet Jordan

About Us nobodyhome - About UsJordan Barnett is the mind behind Nobody Home, when he started the blog, he was working as a petroleum pump system operator in his hometown. Jordan was fond of taking photos with his old Fujifilm model semi-DSLR camera.

It started as an interest and quickly became a hobby. Jordan loved taking photos, he loved it more if the photos he was taking had intricate and interesting stories behind them. That is why Nobody Home is focused on old, vintage and even ancient photography content. Jordan started taking photos of old churches in their area.

He then shared everything on his Facebook account, and he generated hundreds of likes. One day, a friend told him to create a blog to serve as a website for his photography. So, that is what he did.

Nobody Home is now made up of more than 50 professionals, mostly engaged in photography and feature-writing.

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